Why Men?

Why is this service specifically dedicated to working with men who are violent or abusive to their partners?
It is certainly true that women are capable of using violence and abuse – and some do. Current statistics from Health Canada estimate that roughly one in seven men has been or will be physically assaulted by a female partner. This same reporting body says that as many as one in three women have been or will be assaulted by a male partner.

All abuse is wrong and all victims of abuse and violence deserve to be heard and believed. However, one of the most significant differences between male and female initiated violence (aside from the number of victims) are the societal attitudes which continue to support men’s use of violence in relationships. For generations women have been viewed as secondary to men and they have been told to put their own needs behind those of male partners.

The state, the church and the media have all played their part in creating an environment where individual men may feel entitled to abuse and control their wives/spouses. This broader context makes working to end violence and abuse more challenging than working with violent women but the end results of this work can have great benefits for society as a whole.



At Endhazing we are committed to preventing hazing practices from taking place but we are also here to help when an incident has been disclosed.

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pictureAt Angerskills we can help clients start down the road to this change without feeling like their anger is something that must be “managed” for the rest of their lives.

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